The Club is available to video community events and entertainment in the local area. Why not have your community activity recorded and available on DVD or on-line? Contact us for details. We welcome new members interested in getting started in video, or in improving their existing skills.  All levels of experience are encouraged to participate. The Club actively participates in inter-club as well as intra-club competitions designed to improve member’s video skills. These are a great way to enjoy the art of video-making, as well as work toward improved knowledge and skill. At our meetings we run regular workshops on all aspects of video production: camera technique, audio, editing etc. These are an invaluable tool for improving skill levels. The MUVC Focuses on all Aspects of Video Production including preserving your memories taken on your mobile phone.  Why not see how to keep these precious moments forever, rather than losing them when you upgrade your phone. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 9.30AM at the Mollymook Golf Club. If you have an interest in preserving your video memories, you’re welcome to join us. Click the map for directions We can help you with your video, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins THE LOCKDOWN LOWDOWN RENOWNED FILM MAKER WORKING LOCALLY WITH M.U.V.C. HELP Multi-award winning filmmaker Anthony Ash Brennan has been retained by Conjola resident Major-General Peter Dunn to create a film on the effects of the NYE bushfires on local residents. And MUVC was asked to help, providing two willing crew members, in Sandra Dodimead and Neil Morgan. Sandra and Neil have been involved in all aspects of the production, which is due for wide release on the first anniversary of the fires - NYE 2020. Unfortunately, we’re back in Covid-19 territory once more, and as a result our AUGUST MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. We’ll have to see what the future holds when it comes to meetings beyond August. Watch this space. IN THE MEANTIME: HERE is a submission from Paul Davies titled “SOCIAL DISTANCING” This is a lovely video featuring our beloved local beach and a few socially distanced locals! QUICK TIP Once you’ve clicked on a link to ANY video at either YOUTUBE or VIMEO, be sure to click on “SETTINGS” (the “sprocket” or “cog” at lower right of the video screen) and select 720 or 1080P for the best viewing quality. ABOVE is the link to a video that John B has created following the NYE fires around Yatte Yattah. Its tongue-in-cheek title is “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and runs for 42 minutes, so make a cuppa, get comfy, and re-live the terrible consequences of those fires, as well as the commencement of the uplifting recovery process. AS WELL, we have more entries in the Ulladulla Harbour Challenge, this time from Ken, Bob and Merinda. And what excellent entries they are. Comments and awarding of the HIGHLY VALUABLE winner’s prize will take place shortly. In the meantime, have a look at these latest three entries, and re-visit the earlier entries as well. They’re all below for you to watch.